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Primary School Student
"My teacher is very smart. The teacher teaches me how to count and make artwork. I love this school!"
High School Student
"The school spreads positive energy and creates a comforting ambiance for the community. SPM is not only a place to study, but for most of us it is a home."
High School Student
"I love this school because it’s like a second home to me. There’s a lot of good friends, wonderful teachers, great lessons, and awesome activities."

What Our Students say about SPM

High School Student
"The best thing about studying at SPM is that it has shown me one of the best values. At SPM, they have prepared us with lifelong experiences and learning."
Primary School Student
"I love this school because there is the 7 Habits which help me a lot. I also like it because there is a lot of friends who taught me a lot of things."


SPM was recognized as the 1st International Lighthouse School based on the accreditation from the FranklinCovey USA, giving us the license to implement The Leader in Me program. With The 7 Habits as key component of The Leader in Me process, our SPM educators have the opportunity to develop leadership and life skills in each and every one of our students. Furthermore, our safe and secure environment allows students to grow and reach their full potential.

Lifelong Learning

SPM stimulates our community for a lifelong love of learning that expands beyond classroom activities. Field Trips are designed to expose students to new experiences and to increase interest & engagement in a vivid and immerse educational theme. Participating in Model United Nations, our high school students join other students across the globe for a simulation of the United Nations conference. This opportunity allows students to develop their critical thinking skills and broaden their perspective. We are also collaborating with Woodleigh High School Australia for a student exchange program.

Academic Excellence

The comprehensive and integrated National Curriculum adheres to international standards in line with Cambridge Curriculum taught by our qualified, experienced, and multicultural educators. Our low student-to-teacher ratio encourages our students to excel their academic and holistic skills to achieve academic excellence. Moreover, our commitment to create a joyful learning and leading experience, SPM uses Quality Tools by David Langford to help students illustrate and understand the core elements of each learning topic. With only one class for each grade, our students have close-knit with one another.

Alumni - On the Path to Greatness

Jennifer Hadi
Frederick Reiter
Markus Ruci Dewantoro
Ramada Sukarmadji
Lucia Margaretha
Sabrina Gabriella Joest

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