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Mini Open House


We are welcoming guests to come and visit our pioneering school. Every Monday from 8am to 10am you can take a tour of our school and peek through the classroom windows to see our amazing students in action.

Take a Private Tour

We are a small school and we love that about us. Everyone knows everyone and we have a wonderful whole school culture ranging from our security team to our teachers to our students to our students' parents. This is why you should join a tour, you need to see, feel, hear and sense what Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri is.

Visit our Students' Assembly

Every assembly a different class is responsible to lead the school in demonstrating their class' progress and activities. That means depending on what day you come to visit you might get to witness Kindergarten 1 singing and dancing or Grade 6 educating you on their latest studies in Mathematics and Science.

Meet our Principals

We have 2 amazing Principals. One for Kindergarten and Primary and one for Jr. & Sr. High School. Our principals are our role models and we are very proud of the amazing people they are, so we are very happy to give you the chance to meet them.

Join an Information Session

You can learn more about our school in a short and informative information session. We pride ourselves on being more than facilities and curriculum so please take a moment to talk about your child's future success. Your questions are very welcome we look forward to talking to you more. 

Pick a Monday

Join Us On A School Tour or
Talk to Our Dedicated Team to Learn More About Our Award Winning School.