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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri?
  • Principle-Centred - Academic Excellence - Lifelong Learning
  • Unleashing Potential through holistic education
  • Scholarships
  • Excellent students’ achievements in the Cambridge Examinations
  • Alumni in top universities around the world namely Oxford, University of Indonesia, Johns Hopkins University, University of St. Andrews etc.
How does the school decide my child’s eligibility to be enrolled into the school?

Your child will be offered an opportunity to join a class for lessons/activities i.e. trial class, and he/she will be observed by the school counsellor for his/her readiness to join the kindergarten level.

Primary, Jr. & Sr. High School

Your child has to sit for a school-based Placement Test. Your child’s performance in the Placement Test will determine if he/she is eligible or accepted for study in the academic year that he/she is intending to enrol in.

If the school does not have a vacancy at the point of registration, your child will be placed on a waiting list. Once a vacancy is available, you will be contacted to complete the registration process.


How long is the Trial and Testing?

The Trial can be as quick as 3 hours for us to see how your child interacts in the classroom setting and can be up to 3 days for you and your child to ensure that you love our school.

The Written Tests apply for admission to Grade 1 and upwards. The tests are completed independently by the student and cover a range of topics such as language acquisition, mathematics and sciences. Depending on the grade level the test can take from 1 hour to 2 hours.

Are there any financial advantages or scholarships?

Yes, there are. We offer a variety of advantages for our students and students parents. Please follow the links below for more details.

Your Advantages

Student Referral Reward

Engaged Parents


Daftar Pengecekan / Your Checklist


Please provide the following documents with your application:

Semua Siswa / All Students

  • Biaya pendaftaran (Lihat Daftar biaya) / Application Fee (See Schedule of Fees)

  • 4 (Empat) foto berwarna (2 lembar 4x6 cm dan 2 lembar 3x4 cm) / 4 (Four) recent color photographs (2 copies 4x6 cm and 2 copies 3x4 cm)

  • Fotokopi Akte Lahir / Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Fotokopi Kartu Keluarga / Copy of Family Card

  • Fotokopi Laporan Kesehatan dan Bukti Imunisasi / Copy of Medical Records and Proof of Immunization

  • Fotokopi KTP orang tua masing-masing 1 lembar / Copies of parents’ Identity Card

Siswa Pindahan dari Luar Negeri / Overseas Students

  • Untuk Siswa/I WNA: Fotokopi Paspor dan Visa Terbaru (Orang tua dan Murid) / For Overseas Students: Copy of Current Passport and Visas (both parents and students)

  • Surat penyetaraan dan penyaluran dari Kementerian Pendidikan / Equivalency Letter from Kementerian Pendidikan

  • Surat Rekomendasi dari Sekolah Asal yang berisi Sikap, Perilaku, Potensi, Prestasi atau Kemampuan Akademik Siswa / Recommendation Letter from Previous School about Student’s Behavior, Attitude, Achievement and Academic Performance.

Siswa Pindahan / Transfer Students

  • Surat Rekomendasi dari Sekolah Asal yang berisi Sikap, Perilaku, Potensi, Prestasi atau Kemampuan Akademik Siswa / Recommendation Letter from Previous School about Student’s Behavior, Attitude, Achievement and Academic Performance

  • Surat Permohonan Pindah dari Orang Tua (Dengan Materai 10.000) / Letter of Parental Intent (with Materai 10,000)

  • Surat Keterangan Pindah Suku Dinas Pendidikan Sekolah / Transfer Letter from Suku Dinas Pendidikan Sekolah

  • NISN – 8355 (Nomor Induk Siswa Nasional) Siswa / Student Number

  • Fotokopi Rapor Sekolah 1 (Satu) Tahun Terakhir yang telah dilegalisir oleh sekolah sebelumnya / Copy of Legalized School Report for the last 1 Year

  • Surat Akreditasi Sekolah Sebelumnya / School Accreditation Letter

  • Surat Izin Operasional Sekolah / School Operational Letter

  • (Untuk Kelas 2-5, 8, 11) Surat Keterangan Pindah Sekolah yang telah ditandatangani Pengawas Sekolah / (For Grade 2-5, 8, 11) a Transfer Letter Signed by the School Supervisor

  • (Dari SD ke SMP) Fotokopi Ijazah SD dan SKHUN SD Dilegalisir / (For Junior High School) a Copy of Elementary Certificate

  • (Dari SMP ke SMA) Fotokopi Ijazah SMP dan SKHUN SPM Dilegalisir / (For Senior High School) a Copy of Junior High School Certificate

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