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Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri

7 Habits Pioneering School in Indonesia
1st Leader in Me School in Indonesia
1st Lighthouse School outside America and Canada

Achieving the Lighthouse Milestone for Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri occurred after 4 years of our school following and implementing The Leader in Me program. Becoming accredited with the Lighthouse School status is in recognition of our outstanding results in SPM and our amazing student outcomes through implementing The Leader in Me. We are very proud that we were the first school outside of America and Canada to achieve this status.

Furthermore, our growth does not stop in the status of a title we have to continually develop and improve under the lighthouse criteria. 

Lighthouse School Criteria

1. Lighthouse Team

A Lighthouse Team is in place, meets regularly, and oversees schoolwide implementation of the leadership model.

2. Leadership Environment

School environment reinforces the leadership model.

3. Integrated Instruction and Curriculum

Teachers are integrating leadership language into instruction and curriculum daily

4. Staff Collaboration

Staff works together effectively to build a culture of leadership in classrooms and throughout the school.

5. Student Leadership

Students are provided with meaningful leadership roles and responsibilities.

6. Parent Involvement

Parents are involved in activities that support the leadership model and have an understanding of the common language being used at the school.

7. Goal Tracking

A system is in place for setting and tracking goals at the student, classroom, and schoolwide level.

8. Measurable Results

The school is seeing improvements as a result of implementing The Leader in Me process.

9. Leadership Events

The school is holding events to share their leadership model with the community and other schools.

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