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Academic Director's Welcome

Yenny Chandra
 Academic Director

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One of the famous quotes from the great Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle is: "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all".

In education, there are 3 domains to be developed, cognitive, psychomotor and affective or in more friendly terms, knowledge, skills and attitude. They are the focus of why schools exist and why students come to school. At school students learn things, based on the curriculum decided to be used by the school, they are assessed and scored for every subject they learnt.

If we are asked, what is the purpose of schooling? You might say that it is to equip our children to face their future, so when their time comes to get into the working force they will have at least sufficient knowledge to be accepted to a job, hopefully, an occupation which will be their career.

The question is, what do we know about the future? No one can predict what will happen tomorrow let even predicting the next 10 – 15 years. Technology has developed so rapidly that it makes it more unpredictable what will yet to come. How can we predict what is needed by a child in the future?

Let us go back to our own experience. Since finishing school, how many formulas have you used in real life situation? The most common ones used are multiplication, addition, subtraction, fraction and percentage. Does it mean the others are useless?

The big question is, what should we teach our children? What is important in education?

As was said above, there are 3 main developing areas in education, knowledge which deals with what you learn. The skills, which is how you use your knowledge in solving the problems you faced. And the last one which is even more important is the attitude which is the demeanour you show in your daily activities, the last being part of your character including how you deal with your emotion.

In SPM we value knowledge as an important aspect of a child's development. Knowledge opens up a horizon of all the 'secrets' the world has and bring the child to an enlightenment of what the universe is able to offer her. The blended curriculum we have designed provides the students with a combination of approaches to understanding how the world works. Using the National curriculum and combining it with the world class curriculum as Cambridge will provide your child with a broad understanding of knowledge.

SPM values the child's opinion understands that there is more than 1 answer for a problem. We encourage students to find the solution as well as identifying the problem. By doing so the skills of identifying and solving problems are developed. In explaining their opinion the child also develops their ability to express one self and how to communicate effectively. In SPM it is through the usage of both Bahasa Indonesia and English.

In the classroom, the teachers used the Quality Tools, a set of approaches to learning. Students learn to do research, come up with answers which have been checked from every angle and much more. Methodologies in approaching a situation are presented and whatever the situation is they will have a strategy for it. That is what learning skills are about.

In this world we are not by yourself, we deal with people around us. There are norms and values that we have to follow if you are living in a society. In SPM students develop these values through a well-developed program, The Leader in Me which is part of the world known 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Methodically the values are implanted in students.

Upon exiting the school we hope that our graduates will be able to show a well-balanced development of sufficient knowledge shown through a good set of skills by a person who has noble values to base her or his life upon.

That is what this school is about, a complete package to equip your child in facing their future.

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