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The SPM Parent-Teacher Organisation aims to support and develop constructive parent-school relationships and to develop better understandings between home and school. Its function for parents and teachers/staff is to:

• Promote a collaborative community
• Strengthen relationships
• Build greater trust
• Provide more opportunities for communication
• Build a model of Parent-Teacher support for the future
• Provide opportunities to meet and work socially
• Provide opportunities for parent workshops and guest speakers of interest
• Provide opportunities to broaden the perspectives of teachers and parents and increase awareness of dilemmas and constraints faced by both parents and teachers
• Complement the one-on-one communication between home and school which is already part of our SPM tradition

Parents can support teachers in a number of ways including:
1. Planning and supporting outdoor activities, camping activities or swimming
2. Supporting less fortunate children through fundraising
3. Providing field trip ideas
4. Planning and supporting cultural experiences throughout the school
5. Supporting teachers by organizing special events such as Kartini Day, Christmas, Year End Performance, etc.
6. Planning and organising social events for parents and teachers
7. Becoming main resources for topics which fit in with their expertise/skills

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