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SPM's Facilities

The Heart of Menteng

SPM has 2 Campuses, one dedicated to Kindergarten and Primary school (approximately 4,000 m2) and the other dedicated to Jr. and Sr. High School (approximately 4,000 m2).

Kindergarten & Primary School Campus

Jl. DR GSSY Ratulangi No. 5, Menteng

Jr. & Sr. High School Campus

Jl. DR GSSY Ratulangi No. 14, Menteng

Classrooms with space to spare

Children need space! This is why we have big classrooms. Our classrooms range from 90m2 to 120m2, that is almost double the size of average Jakarta classroom. In each classroom, there is space to get together in groups, have a mini performance, present your work or spread out for an exam. On top of all that we also have a set of toilets in each classroom. 

Playing and Relaxing in green areas

Children do not want to be trapped in a building at any age and that is why we have designed our school campuses to incorporate green areas. This allows all of our students to enjoy an oasis of greenery in the middle to Jakarta.

Team Sports in the Gym Perhaps

We have a gym in each of our 2 campuses. In our Kindergarten and Primary Campus, our gym is 513m2 (27m x 19m) - that is the equivalent of a basketball court, a futsal pitch or 3 spacious badminton courts. And in our Jr. & Sr. High School Campus, our gym is 288m2 (18m x 16m)- that is the equivalent of a one-on-one basketball court or 2 spacious badminton courts or 16 ping pong tables. So from Basketball to futsal to badminton to just running around, we have you covered. 

A love of reading

Reading is a gateway, it is as simple as that. A great story can connect with us in a way that other media can not. That is why we have extensive Libraries that students can use for meetings, research and all their learning needs.

Unleash the Mad scientist within you

Each campus is also home to dedicated science labs. In Kindergarten and Primary, we have one fully equipped laboratory. Moreover our Jr. & Sr. High School campus has two fully equipped Laboratories.

If Music is the food of love, play on!

We love music, it is an expression of the very soul. That is why is it part of our syllabus, part of our extracurriculars and part of our culture. We have two music rooms one in each of our campuses.

A place to park

In Jakarta just parking your car can prove to be difficult. This is why we have parent driver priority parking at our school, making life easier for you. You can pick one of our 44 parking spaces and know that our security team is keeping your car safe.

On our doorstep

The beauty of being in the heart of Jakarta is that we have so many other facilities right beside us. For example, if we want to have a 400m race on a professional track then we got you covered. If you want to have wide open spaces to do science experiments, no problem. Sometimes it is not about what you have but it is about the opportunities we are open to.


A school is not a factory! A school is not a prison! A school is not a concrete compound.

A quick survey of what a school stands for is to simply count the number of trees within the school. Not around the school, but within the school, part of the school!

In our Kindergarten and Primary Campus we have 8 trees, 6 of which are over 70 years old, 1 of which is over 20 years old and our smallest tree is a baby in comparison planted on the 30th of May 2015

In our Jr. and Sr. High School Campus we have 14 trees, 13 of which are over 30 years old, 1 of which is over 7 years old.

Our trees say a lot about mission and dedication to teaching your children.

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