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Welcome to SPM's Primary School.

As the first International Lighthouse School in the world outside of the USA, we are proud to welcome you to our homely and exciting school.

The students at our school are aimed to become lifelong learners who have integrity and respect to themselves, others and environment.







Building Your Child's Character

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People / The Leader in Me / Leadership Roles / Wildly Important Goals / Lighthouse Team / Leadership Day / Class Code of Cooperation / Assembly Leaders / Student Lead Conferences / Communication Note Book / Lead Project / Need for DASH /  

Inspiring Your Child's Learning

National Curriculum / Cambridge Curriculum - Checkpoint Exams & Reports / Qualified Teachers / 2 Homeroom Teachers Per Class & Specilised Subject Teachers / Warm Caring Environment / Native English Language Teacher / Homework Allocation System

Expanding Your Child's Horizons

Extracurricular / Fieldtrips / Educational Toys / Playgrounds / Competitions / Spacious Classrooms / Reading Corner / Costume Corner / Math Club / English Club / Science Club

Safeguarding Your Child's Health

Teachers First Aid Certified / Dedicated School Employed Cleaning Team / Sick Bay / Regular Pest Control Operations / High Canteen Standards / Clean Toilets within Each Class / Regular Air-Conditioning Servicing

Ensuring Your Child's Safety

Full-Time Security Team / Locked Security Doors / Parent and Student Only Zone / Strict Student Pickup Policy / Fire & Earthquake Drills / Student Insurance / Student Behaviour Management Procedure

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