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21st Century Skills

Education today is not only about knowledge of subjects taught.

Education in the 21st century is about:


We recognize the leadership skill in every child that will make them a better and effective leaders in the future. With the implementation of the 7 Habits, we create an environment that put forwards leadership ability. It is about having a vision of where you want to be and working to achieve that vision. From the early years of age, our students understand clearly their goals and how to work towards their goals.


Our students understand well that everything they thoughts, choices, and reactions will have a great impact on the community. It shines through their daily activities, for example, students take charge of their own learning. Moreover, Quality Tools by David Langford assist them in knowing what need to be improved.

Problem Solving

The better we are at problem solving, the easier our lives are. Thus, we continuously develop this skill by pushing students to focus on the solution to the problem rather than on the problem itself. In line with the 7 Habits, students come up with a win-win solution that is in favor of both parties. 

Analytical Thinking

Analytical Thinking is a thinking tool that will help students to understand the core of each problem. This critical component of visual thinking gives one the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. SPM Students learn to break down complex problems into manageable elements. Students then gather relevant information to solve the problem. 


Facing a fast-pace world, we prepare our student to be flexible and have the ability to adapt immediately to any conditions. We also assist students to be highly resilient individuals and Work effectively in a climate of ambiguity and changing priorities, allowing new challenges and opportunities to beyond their comfort zone. 


We encourage our students to be a good communicator, both verbal and in writing. We aid students to have the ability to communicate a clear and effective because we believe that good communication will foster a better understanding, build trust and respect, as well as resolve differences. 


Our students know their personal goal for each learning subject and they are responsible for them. They could define, prioritize and complete tasks without direct oversight from teachers and become an independent.


Our students demonstrate a commitment to learning as a lifelong process. They show initiative for improvement and to go beyond basic skills in order to gain expertise also reflect critically on past experiences in order to inform future progress.


Our students able to elaborate, refine, analyze and evaluate their own ideas in order to improve and maximize creative efforts. They understand that creativity and innovation is a long-term, cyclical process of small successes and frequent mistakes. 

Cross-Cultural Skills

It is important that our students know when it is appropriate to listen and when to speak. Our students able to conduct themselves in a respectable and professional manner.


Achieving something on your own? Great. But here at SPM, we believe that when we work together, we achieve better. Teamwork will help students to know common interest, responsibilities, and provide the bond which is vital to creating a successful team. 

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